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Why Strong Parenting is Important to the Happiness and Emotional Well Being of Your Child

We live in an age of enlightenment…or so they say. We definitely live in the information age. As for the age of enlightenment…that may not be so true. Parenting is tough…no baby comes with an instruction manual and every child is unique. However, too many parents seem to believe that children are fine without guidelines […]

Why Fiber is So Important to Your Health – Oblander Chiropractic

  We all know that fiber is important in our diet, but what is fiber?  Why is it good and how do we know if we are getting enough OR too much? Fiber is the carbohydrate or starch that our bodies cannot digest and can act like a broom to sweep out the digestive tract. […]

What You Need to Know About Depression – Oblander Chiropractic

I was once a person with depression. Not “just” the baby blues or a few months of feeling down and out – I had all out don’t-want-to-live anymore depression for about 5 years. It is surviving those five years of my life that has been a major contributor to my passion to help others have […]