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Close Up On Adverse Drug Reactions

You can’t switch on a television these days without seeing a commercial for some new pharmaceutical that will cure whatever may ail you (or cure you from an illness you never knew you had). If you pay attention to it, you will notice that nearly half the ad time is taken up with a long […]

Pros and Cons of Drinking Juice

Look on any supermarket’s shelves these days and you’ll see a huge variety of fruit juices, far more than were ever seen in our parents’ day. Orange juice (or occasionally grapefruit, apple or tomato juice) was the juice that typically appeared on most American breakfast tables. Now, it is possible to get juices in all […]

Improving Your Energy Levels

Sometimes it seems that even the simplest everyday tasks are hard to accomplish, even after we get a decent night’s sleep. Our busy lives leave little time to stop and recharge our batteries, so sometimes it can feel as though we’re operating on a chronic energy deficit. However, there are ways of gaining that energy […]

Meditation and Your Health – What Science Says

Researchers have found in study after study that meditation can offer both mental and physical health benefits. Doctors and integrative health programs increasingly prescribe meditation techniques alongside traditional treatments to achieve a wide range of health goals, from increasing immunity to lowering high blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. On the […]

How Much Sleep Is Too Much?

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep and the detrimental effect on our health if we get too little of it. However, it is also possible to get too much sleep, and this may be even worse than getting too little. Sleeping too much has been shown to be […]

Tips for Raising More Active Kids

With rates of childhood obesity at epidemic levels, there has been a greater push to get children to eat healthier and be more active. Diet is an important part of raising healthy children, but so is exercise. Unfortunately, many areas of the country have had their educational budgets cut to the point where physical education […]

Some More Healthy Humor!