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Car Accidents and Delayed Symptoms: What You Need to Know

Even if your recent fender bender didn’t seem too serious, there’s still a very real chance that you or your passengers may have been hurt. That’s because even the most minor car accidents can cause hidden injuries and delayed symptoms. And while damage to your car is likely obvious and easy to assess, evaluating damage […]

The Power of Proper Nutrition: For the Mediterranean Diet, the Jury is In!

Although the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been supported by anecdotal evidence and have been touted for years by health gurus and even a large number of doctors, it is only recently that the science to back up these claims has emerged. Researchers from the University of Barcelona performed a large-scale 5-year study […]

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Knees Younger Longer

Some aches and pains are normal as we age, but there’s no reason why we should not try to keep them to a minimum. Knee health is important in keeping you mobile as you get older, and experts agree that the best way to keep them in good shape is (ideally) to avoid receiving a […]