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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your holiday is filled with Family, Smiles and Great Food!   Advertisements

How Chiropractic Care Has Helped Me: Introducing Jeff Gordon

To any NASCAR fan, Jeff Gordon is a household name. His list of accomplishments on the track is impressive by almost any measure: After winning 3 races, Gordon joined Hendrick Motorsports in 1993 as part of the Sprint Cup Series in NASCAR. In 1998, Gordon was named to NASCAR’s “50 Greatest Drivers” list. In 2008, […]

Are We Sitting Ourselves to Death?

Whether we like to admit it or not, the technology in our lives—and the fact that we use much of it while sitting down—is contributing to a growing list of health problems in our society. Those who sit at a desk all day or sit behind the wheel of a car or truck with little […]