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Kids and Sports: The New Youth Athletics Landscape

Over the last twenty years, the landscape of youth sports has changed dramatically. It used to be that children would gather after school and choose (or invent) an activity or game to play until dinnertime. In this world of “free play,” the kids set the rules and managed themselves more or less independently. These days, […]

Knee Care 101

By some measures, your knees are your body’s largest joints, but they are also the ones most likely to be injured. More than 11 million men and women over the age of forty visit doctors every year due to knee pain. Taking care of your knees helps to make sure these vital joints continue to […]

The Latest on Eggs

Eggs: they’re tasty and nutritious, but for a long time now they’ve been considered a contributor to high cholesterol and heart disease. Recent studies are starting to challenge this assumption, giving egg-lovers reason to celebrate. Cholesterol and Your Food Dieticians and doctors have longed warned their patients against eating foods high in cholesterol, including shrimp […]

Can Food Choices Really Affect the Composition of the Microbes in Your Gut?

They say you are what you eat, but can your diet really have an impact on the microbes that live in your digestive tract? While thinking about the millions of microscopic life forms (collectively called the human microbiota) living in your gut might make you feel a bit squeamish, this topic has fueled a considerable […]