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When It Comes to Nutritional Supplements, Quality Counts!

Nutritional supplements are one way that many of us try to improve our health and to support our efforts to lose weight, stop smoking, and more. Although using good quality supplements can be beneficial to your health, it can be difficult to determine which ones really fit the bill. Supplement makers are lightly regulated relative […]

Why Having a Catch is Good for You at Any Age

Having a catch is a classic familial activity—the image of a father having a catch with his son or daughter often comes to mind—but there’s more to having a catch than parental bonding. In fact, the ability to throw and catch is good for physical and brain development, as it fosters the brain and body […]

Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes: An Introduction for Parents

There’s a curious dynamic at work in youth sports these days. Maybe you’ve noticed? On the one hand, public health officials are worried about a broad decline in team sport participation among children. According to a recent survey, the number of kids between the ages of 6 and 17 who play organized baseball, basketball, football, […]

Balance, Reflexes and Senior Health

It’s sad but true: As we get older, our balance tends to deteriorate and our reflexes tend to slow. When you’re aware that it’s happening, it can be very frustrating. But when you’re not aware of these gradual changes, they can actually be dangerous as well. This is especially true as you exit middle age. […]

Happy Birthday to Dr. Oblander!!!

Our Office Staff is belting out a Big Happy Birthday to Dr. Oblander today! Be sure to wish him a happy birthday too! Many wishes for a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year Dr. Oblander!!!

Best Exercises For Preventing Shin Splints

Although you may have heard the term before, you may not know exactly what a “shin splint” is. It’s a common term for painful inflammation at the front of the tibia caused by strenuous activity. Medical professionals refer to it as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). The following exercises will not only help to prevent […]

Rediscovering Exercise After Years of Being Inactive? Take the SMART Approach

Artists who work with glass or metal know that you should not try to bend or shape the material while it remains cold and brittle. Glass will shatter. Metal will break or quickly show signs of fatigue and damage. Our bodies also need to be warmed up to change. They need the tender, loving care […]