Back Surgery

Good Posture: The “800-Pound Gorilla” of Health and Wellness

Good posture isn’t exactly a high priority for many Americans. For millions of us, the number-one priority is working to provide for our families—and sitting all day at a desk is how we achieve that. However, poor posture while sitting at work for many hours every day can actually lead to poor posture while standing […]

Modern Treatment for Back Pain: Beyond Bed Rest, Pain Pills and Surgery

According to the National Institutes of Health and Dr. Michael S. Wilkes of the Western Journal of Medicine, “Despite a plethora of research intended to guide physicians in their management of back pain, physicians still hold strong non-evidence based beliefs dating back to the 19th century.”  What beliefs is Dr. Wilkes referring to?  He’s talking […]

Chiropractic and the Benefits of Conservative Care

It’s been in the headlines for years now—non-specific back pain has become an epidemic in the U.S. According to some estimates, Americans now spend approximately $100 billion per year looking for relief. At the same time, many public health officials, medical researchers and clinicians see a growing gap between the types and amounts of care […]

Think Twice about Back Surgery

Back pain is incredibly common—in fact, just about every adult in the United States has experienced back pain in some form or another, and it is one of the top complaints heard in doctors’ offices and hospitals around the country. Yet the cause of any one type of back pain is one of the most […]