Back to School

For Many Kids, Back to School Means Back to the Doctor. Here’s How Parents Can Help

With Halloween two weeks behind us and Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, most school-age children are back in the classroom and (hopefully) have adapted to the fall routine. For some kids, though, the fall routine includes lots of sick days and doctor visits. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), […]

Youth Sports: Are Single-Sport Child Athletes Really More Likely to Succeed Later?

Especially if they’re athletes or sports fans themselves, it’s not unusual for mothers and fathers to have secret (or not-so-secret) hopes that their kids can become good enough in a sport to earn a college scholarship or go on to a professional career. Some parents believe that the best way to work toward this goal […]

For High School Athletes, Sports-Related Back Pain Starts Early

People often assume that lower back pain (LBP) is just a problem just for the elderly, or for middle-aged adults who have a history of physical wear and tear. But this is simply untrue. The fact is that over 31 million Americans live with lower back pain on a regular basis, and a great number […]

Back to School Success

Back-to-school time draws near!  Though it seems it just began, summer break will soon come to an end, which means it is time to begin planning a successful transition from summer time to school time. Here are some tips for a smooth transition. o    Bedtime / Wakeup time:  Adjust your child’s bedtime and wakeup time […]