Why Strong Parenting is Important to the Happiness and Emotional Well Being of Your Child

We live in an age of enlightenment…or so they say. We definitely live in the information age. As for the age of enlightenment…that may not be so true. Parenting is tough…no baby comes with an instruction manual and every child is unique. However, too many parents seem to believe that children are fine without guidelines […]

Why the Concern About Infant Vaccination? Oblander Chiropractic

I just had to share this article on Infant Vaccinations. The article comes from the Herbal Legacy website and is one of their most recent newsletter postings. In regards to vaccinations, there are numerous voices both pro and con which can make the cutting through the arguments and finding good information very difficult. In addition […]

Why Do Infants and Children Need Chiropractic Treatment?

There are several events in my life that I wish I had done a better job of recording or saving for posterity. One such event that continues to stand out in my mind is my granddaughter’s runny nose. You may think that sounds funny but there is a reason that I wish I had done […]