The Power of Gratitude on Health

How we think and how we process the world around us has a tremendous effect on our health and our happiness. In celebration of this time of Thanksgiving, take some time out for yourself and contemplate all the many things that you have to be grateful for. If you find the task difficult, keep at […]

The Power of Gratitude

  Research done by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto with water crystals is fascinating but his research teaches some important health lessons as well. Dr. Emoto has studied the effects of positive energy and negative energy on water. Some of his research has included music and some of his research has included messages given to […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your holiday is filled with Family, Smiles and Great Food!  

Preparing For the Holidays

As we approach the holidays we want to focus on presence. That isn’t a typo. I’m referring to presence as in a state of being, rather than the typical presents that we think of this time of year which come wrapped up in fancy paper. If you are like most people you probably can’t remember […]

The Attitude of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we have some thoughts on the practice of “Thanksgiving” or gratitude. We feel that taking the time to be grateful is not something to be done once a year but something we should make a part of our lives every day. Having an attitude of gratitude is a key factor in […]