Water safety

Summer Fun and Water Safety

Summertime’s here and for many children around the country that means fun in the water! But here’s the catch… Whether it happens to be a neighborhood pool, a lake near a favorite camping spot or the ocean right across the beach from a vacation rental, playing in and around the water comes with certain risks. […]

The Joys of Swimming for Fun and Fitness

With summer weather heating things up across much of the country, swimming is a great way to cool off and have some fun!  But did you know that it’s also an excellent way to increase your fitness, help control your weight and improve your overall mood?  Plus, swimming is a type of exercise that people […]

Summer Water Safety for Kids

For lots of kids, there aren’t many activities in the summer that are more fun than swimming, whether it’s in a pool, lake, or ocean. And while it’s great exercise for your children to be spending a lot of time in and around the water, there are (of course) dangers that they should be aware […]