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Chiropractic for Chronic Back Pain

About a third of the millions of people who make appointments with chiropractors every year seek relief from back pain. Back pain can be acute, meaning it happens suddenly, lasts 6 weeks or less and often clears up on its own; or back pain can be chronic, meaning it comes on gradually and lasts 3 […]

Which Chiropractic Technique is Most Effective? Why the Answer is “It Depends.”

When patients come to us for chiropractic care, it’s not unusual for them to ask us which chiropractic technique is most effective. This is especially true if they have prior experience with chiropractic care or if they have friends or family who do. The patients who ask this question are often surprised when we respond […]

How Does Chiropractic Work?

I find it interesting when I hear people ask if subluxations can really affect a person’s health. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue because to me it seems so obvious. After all, when a spinal cord is severed….is the ability of the individual with that spinal cord still able to move and function like […]