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What is “Referred Pain”?

“Referred pain” can be a perplexing phenomenon for anyone who experiences it. Referred pain is what happens when you feel pain in an area of your body that is not actually the original source of the pain signals. The most common example of referred pain is when pain is felt in the left arm, neck […]

How to Know if Stress is Affecting Your Health and Well-Being

Everyone deals with stress in their lives. And—in small doses—this can be a very good thing. Manageable amounts of stress can actually help you perform at your best and may even help you develop your abilities. However, far too many of us are stressed to the point that our health and well-being could be compromised. […]

Growth Plate Injuries: What Parents Should Know

For a child, falling down is almost inevitable and generally doesn’t result in a trip to the emergency room. However, even minor falls can sometimes cause serious injuries. If you hear a cracking sound or if your child has bruising, swelling, or a limb deformity, there’s a chance your child may have broken a bone […]

How to Find a Great Chiropractor!

If you already have a chiropractor that you love and feel comfortable with – you do not need to read any further. However, if you don’t know much about chiropractic and you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor…read on. There are plenty of ways to get information on chiropractors. The Internet and Social Media have […]

Why I Believe the 5 Minute Appointment is a Curse

Five minutes is the common increment of time that way too many doctors are using for scheduling their patient appointments.  Do you think that 5 minutes is enough? I don’t and here’s why: •    A patient and doctor need to develop a relationship. 5 minutes doesn’t allow for more than exchanging names. •    A doctor […]

Why the Concern About Infant Vaccination? Oblander Chiropractic

I just had to share this article on Infant Vaccinations. The article comes from the Herbal Legacy website and is one of their most recent newsletter postings. In regards to vaccinations, there are numerous voices both pro and con which can make the cutting through the arguments and finding good information very difficult. In addition […]

Why Your Self-Esteem is Important to Your Health

I often work as a weight loss and health coach with patients in our office. Working with our patients in this way has helped me understand something important about self-esteem. I have never believed that self-esteem comes from outside sources as much as it comes from within. I believe that self-esteem is an accumulation of […]